Welcome to DRCHSD 2020 Virtual Summit!

The focus of the Delta Region Community Health System's Development (DRCHSD) 2020 Summit is to address current issues, learn from peer best practices and adapt in a rapidly changing health care environment. The purpose of this event is to provide DRCHSD participating hospitals and clinics with a collaborative learning environment to make connections, share best practices, and gather lessons learned to empower and support participating organizations. Through presentations and interactive discussions, participants will be able to improve and strengthen their organizations. We look forward to your participation at this educational and informative virtual event.

Virtual Summit Learning Objectives

  • Learn best practices from DRCHSD peers on:
    • How to address inequities to care
    • Developing a best practice patient navigator model
    • Developing a best practice continuity of care model
  • Understand how to develop telehealth service lines to position for the future
  • Learn how to assess value-based care options and next steps
  • Understand most current policy and regulatory issues 
  • Learn tips on how to build resiliency in your employees
  • Understand how to meet your communities behavioral health needs
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