Donna McHale

Donna McHale
Senior Director
Huron Conulting Group
Donna has over 30 years of healthcare industry experience and is a recognized expert in performance improvement, strategic planning, operational management, information technology planning and implementation, organizational and project management, change management, and transformational leadership. She is a leader in Huron’s healthcare technology services group and has extensive experience managing large, challenging, complex projects/change initiatives for healthcare systems, consulting firms, and software companies. While acting as the care redesign program director for several multi-entity organizations, Donna helped several clients develop their telehealth strategies. Her telehealth efforts focused on assessment, roadmap design, system selection, system implementation, system enhancements, and workflow development/optimization. She has also assisted several clients in their move to the Virtual Hospital environment. Donna oversaw initiatives to redesign their care while implementing a new, enterprise-wide EHR system. Her role was critical to ensuring the care redesign and EHR implementation projects stayed aligned and synchronized to achieve the desired outcomes.
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